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Mar 12, 2019 at 09:57 AM

HDI BUILD ERROR:HDI_BROKER_CONTROLLER is not authorized to access this URL


Hi Expert;

When I build my project in Web IDE, I am getting an bellow error.

3:02:56 PM (Builder) Build of "/test_prj/db" started.

3:03:36 PM (DIBuild) Service provisioning for module: '/db'
Could not create the 'XSA_ADMIN-3rw4cfmjmet6m2d7-test_prj-hdi_db' instance of the 'hana' service type for the 'hdi_db' resource. Cannot provision services due to XSA error: Asynchronous job 'Creating service instance 'XSA_ADMIN-3rw4cfmjmet6m2d7-test_prj-hdi_db' [service: 'hana', plan:'hdi-shared'] of [Org 'Trigyn', Space 'SAP'].' failed: Provisioning service XSA_ADMIN-3rw4cfmjmet6m2d7-test_prj-hdi_db (service id 4eb54f18-6893-4887-aaab-71cf18255981, plan id 83cf7a43-6e01-4e23-a689-e0589a3a879e) on service broker "hdi-broker" (url: failed due to unexpected return code from broker: REST request PUT to url '' had response code 403 (Missing access rights.) with error message: 'User HDI_BROKER_CONTROLLER is not authorized to access this URL'..

3:03:36 PM (Builder) Build of /test_prj/db failed.And this error is start coming on today only, Till last day I could build my project successfully .I request you, Kindly help me in this