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Mar 12, 2019 at 07:27 AM

Sales order With MTO Line item reject resulting error when performing 411E


Hi SAPGurus, we have a situation whereby a sales order stock is already completed for a MTO sales order line item, and it was accidently rejected, as a result of this the association between the sales order and the work order is broken (procurement tab missing from the schedule line) and the work order is set to delete status. Now when ew want to perform transaction MB1B 411E - to move sales order stock into unrestricted we are encountering the error message 'Material Does not Exist'

Sequence of event.

  1. Created sales order with a MTO part number upon saving the production order is save as well. (VA01/VA02)
  2. Work Order was released for postings. (CO02)
  3. Goods issue onto work order. (MB1A)
  4. Confirmation of Work Order (CO11)
  5. Settlement of Goods From Work Order to finish goods (MB31)
  6. Line item in Sales order accidently set to reject, which results the link between the sales order and production order broken. (VA02)
  7. When we try to perform transaction MB1B – Movement 411 E to move the sales order inventory into unrestricted inventory we encounter the following error ‘Material CTO-10023676-00 30 SHIP does not exist’

appreciate any helpful feedback