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Oct 07, 2016 at 02:36 AM

release prerequesites


Hi All, in my company, we have set up release strategies for purchase requisitions in the following way:

Supervisor: Release code 01

Manager; Release code 02

Director of finance: Release code 03

VP: Release code 04

Right now, VP can only release if each of the low levels release code has already released. For example, VP can't release on behalf of supervisor.

The management want us to change this process so that a given release code should be able to release on behalf of any of his low level release code.

So the new process should be

Manager can release on behalf of Supervisor

Director of finance can release on behalf of Supervisor and manager

VP can release on behalf of Director of finance, manager, supervisor.

Please let me know how I can set it up

Thank You very much.