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Oct 06, 2016 at 08:35 PM

PowerDesigner Client Freezing Under Various Conditions


We have moved to PowerDesigner as the enterprise modeling tool and one of the major groups using it is having problems with the tool freezing up when doing the following.

  • Print to PDF
  • Using Screen Sharing technology (WebEx, etc.) while in conference calls/meetings.

All users have

  • Windows 7 (SP1) 64 bit Intel Processor HP machines.
  • PowerDesigner 64 bit version installed and
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard DC or version 2015.017.20050 installed.
  • Many of the models utilize extension files (.xem) for object and symbol customization details (Business Process Models).

In most freeze-up cases, once the PDF is created the screen locks up (it looks like it is stuck and toggling back and forth between the PDF created and the PD file). The users print to PDF directly from the File >> Print menu option to print the diagram screen.

The screen also locks up when users share the workstation screen for WebEx conferences and the screen is stuck between the WebEx and the PD file.

We have the enterprise using PowerDesigner (64 bit) and the primary group having these problems is seeing this happen daily. The big issue is that this group presents progress and models to upper management and this really looks bad on SAP's product.

  • Has anyone had issues of PowerDesigner freezing up?
  • Does anyone have workarounds for these particular issues?

I do have an incident out with SAP and they have created a CR (802030) regarding the "Print to PDF" issue but they don't expect any patch work for our current version (

As a large company, we do not have Admin Rights readily available to the users and we cannot just go out and install anything to fix an issue. However, I am still looking at all solutions so I can evaluate and possibly implement during regular PowerDesigner installs/updates.

Thank you in advance for all your help,