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Oct 06, 2016 at 11:03 PM

SHPORD_EDI_940 with multiple Idocs to SIngle ISA EDI_940 with Multiple ST segments


Hi Friends ,

I need help , This is my scenario

Scenario : I need to process SHPORD , 500 IDOCs into a SIngle EDI_940 file. that means one ISA segment with 500 ST segments .

Design : I have set the IDOCS as Collecting and PI is getting 500 I docs into a single XML message , and creating one ISA _ with 500_ST segments .

Issue is : If one Idoc get fails the entire 500 IDOCS are getting failed in PI . and it's very difficult to reprocess all the 500 IDOCs. back once we resolve the issue .

Could some one suggest on this.