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Oct 06, 2016 at 04:04 PM

Default role causing a problem in BRF plus login while mapping role owner to a role


Hello All, We are on GRC 10.0 SP13. We have rolled out ARM to one country and we have 12 more countries to be rolled out. We have global roles and regional specific roles. Which meanse if X is a global role, Role X is used by all 13 countries which means Role X should have 13 role owners 1 from each countries, So i wrote a BRFPLUS login stating, if User group is CH - China, Role is X, System is Y, Role Onwer is "Z" Similarly i have mapped each role w.r.t User group, system to a particular role owner. This login works perfectly. However we have one default end user role which comes by default and this login doesnt work when I raise a ARM requests as END user wil not have a role owner, it gets stuck after managers approval. So what I did is I inluded End user role along with each global role stating If User group is CH - China, Role is X or Role is ENDUSERROLE, Syetem is Y, then Role Owner is "Z" If User group is JP - Japan, Role is X1 or Role is ENDUSERROLE, System is Y, then Role Owner is Z1" with this logic, for example if I raise a ARM request for CH user group selecting a role, and default role comes up automatically, after managers approval it goes to both Z & Z1 role owners. Is this because en duser role is mapped as OR with actual Role X or Role X1? Please explain how can i make this work. Please find the document attached. ROLEOWNER1, 2, 3,4,5 are mapped to different global roles and find the screen shot in role woner stage it trigers approval to actual role owner Roleowner 5 and alos to all other role owners. I fail to understand this. Any help is greatly appreciated.