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Oct 06, 2016 at 02:18 PM

Horizontal Hexagon ASCII value not visible in webi



How do i represent Horizontal Hexagon symbol in Webi?

According to this site, Unicode® character table we need to be able to use =char(9108) formula in webi to represent horizontal hexagon symbol.

But when I use this in webi, I am getting a (rectangle box). I tried changing font and also I tried in HTML/Applet and Rich client mode, it's not working anywhere.

You might ask, why do i need this symbol?

I need it to make a flow chart like this: (It's part of requirement and I can't change the symbol.)

Can anyone guide me here.

Thanks & Regards.



Hexagon.jpg (3.7 kB)
hexagon.jpg (17.7 kB)