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Oct 06, 2016 at 12:54 PM

Cannot create node.js test configuration on HXE


I've installed HXE via VM. At the moment I follow the tutorials from HANA Developer Guide. In chapter of the tutorials a node.js run configuration should be created.

Create a new test run-configuration for your Node.js application module tinyjs.
a. Create a new test run-configuration.
Choose   Run   Run Configurations   in the tool bar.
b. In the Run Configurations dialog, choose [+], select Node.js Test in the drop-down list.
c. Type the name test and choose Save and Run.
XSUnit runs your Node.js module tinyjs in XS JavaScript test mode. The test finds the sampleTest.xsjslib file because it matches the test file pattern “*test” defined in the run configuration you created. The Node.js Test Execution pane displays the results of the test.

I can't find the "Node.js Test" entry in a drop-down list. There is only the entry "Node.js Application".

Is this missing in HXE?

Regards Helmut