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Former Member
Oct 06, 2016 at 11:54 AM

Load of ASE database taking longer time .


Hi Everyone :

We tried to load one of the user database which size is 280 GB using the 150GB databases dump ( Ie. Load of 280 GB database with dump taken out from DB which is size 150GB ).

Message : " All dumped pages have been loaded. ASE is now clearing pages above page 38400000, which were not present in the database just loaded. "

But above clean up of extra space took 7 hours and it didn't complete after 7 hours( only 70 % got completed )

Fyi - Backup server allocated memory for both source and destination server remains same . and during this operation there was no activity in server (Idle state ) .

( In the end , We cancelled the LOAD job and loaded the same database with 280 GB database dump. This operation in total ,took 30 mins ) and

There was no active transaction in the source database while we collected the dump ( ie 150 GB database dump ) .

1) We would like to understand ,

Why this cleanup taking so long ?

2) Is ther any way to make this cleanup faster