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Oct 06, 2016 at 09:03 AM

Setting dynamic context with actions


Hey experts,

I have created a new WDJ application running on a SAP EP 7.4. Since our customer has quite special requirements on this one, I needed to use dynamic context and view creation, approx like this:

IWDTable rfcTable = (IWDTable) view.createElement (IWDTable.class, new String ("rfcTableIdentifierFor" + destinationName)); rfcTable = formatTable(rfcTable); //dynamic context creation IWDNodeInfo nodeInfo = wdContext.getNodeInfo().addChild("RFCDynamicFor" + destinationName, null, false, CMICardinality.MANY, CMICardinality.MANY, false, null); //Dynamically add attributes to the context node nodeInfo.addAttribute("system", ""); //System .........

nodeInfo.addAttribute("firstVisible", ""); //first visible nodeInfo.addAttribute("popinKey", ""); //popin key nodeInfo.addAttribute("popinStatus", ""); //popin status nodeInfo.addAttribute("iconSource", ""); //popin icon image source

rfcTable.bindDataSource("RFCDynamicFor" + destinationName); rfcTable.bindFirstVisibleRow("RFCDynamicFor" + destinationName + ".firstVisible");

Im also creating some columns with binded content on my dynamic context, this all works well so far. In fact Im following Dynamic UI Generation - Web Dynpro Java - SCN Wiki on this task

So here comes the problem: my dynamic table has also a popin column: