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Oct 06, 2016 at 05:36 AM

Grayout input field based on condition in FPM GUIBB


Hi All,

Presently I working on Floorplan Manager for SAP EHSM module. I am new to this & having some technical challenges.


1. I have added a custom field to the screen and the same needs to be gray out/diplay mode based on some condition. I am able to see the filed on the screen updating the value into corresponding tables without writing any code since added this into BO structures.

Now challenge is I am unable to gray our the field. I wrote the code in FEEDER CLASS OF


PROCESS_EVENT - Errors to be displayed if field value is not correct

GET_DATA - Making field in gray our or display. But it is not working as expected. Kindly do let me know whether the code is in right place or not.

2. I am populating error message if the entered value is worng. But it is allowing to save and value is also updating.

Kindly help on this.


Yerukala Setty