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Oct 06, 2016 at 06:39 AM

Dynamic Actions: delete single infotype record of Time Constraint 3



we have configured some wage types in IT0015 to allow for multiple records on the same date.

These records in IT0015 are created through Dynamic Actions when we create a record in a custom infotype.

We also pass on a unique ID and save it in 'Assignment Number' of the IT0015 record. So we have a way of identifying which IT0015 record on said date corresponds to our custom infotype record.

The issue is when we delete the custom infotype record. The corresponding IT0015 record should also be deleted.

9961 08 4 F MF_CLAIM_DEL_A(ZBB_DYNAMIC_ACTIONS_ROUTINES) 9961 08 5 P RP50D-ZFLAG2='A' 9961 08 6 I DEL,0015,(RP50D-FIELD1),,(RP50D-DATE1),(RP50D-DATE1)/D 9961 08 7 W P0015-ZUORD=RP50D-ZZUORD

We haven't managed to single out the particular record that must be deleted. All IT0015 records with this date are deleted.

1. we tried using the 'Assignment Number' - no luck

2. we tried using SEQNR - no luck

Any ideas?


Elsa Markoulidou