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Oct 06, 2016 at 04:12 AM

MDG-M and Change Management


Hi all,

I would like to test the material revision capabilities of MDG-M. For that I have created a Change Master with a Change Number and a Valid From date in the future in ERP (tx.: CC02). I am using the MAT02 change request and after I have chosen a material I assigned the change number to the Change Management section in the MDG-M UI:

When I try to activate the CR then my expectation would be that MDG-M writes this material with the change(s) into the objects list of this change master. Instead I am receiving following validation log entry:

When I wait until the Date-from date and activate again I am getting another error:

which seems to be a standard message from the change master.

Why isn't the revision not added to the object list in SAP Change Master (-> CC03->Objects)? Moreover, this is not related to report MMCHACTV.

I would like to understand the logic/concept behind change master in MDG-M more. But I was not able to find any specific information or documentation. Goal is to later connect PLM to MDG and go via ECM where it is possile to create different revisions of one material.

Would be great if you could provide any input.


Best regards,



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