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Oct 06, 2016 at 05:24 AM

No billing documents were generated. See log .... No error log created


Hello Expert,

I am unable to create the Billing with reference to Delivery. When I am trying to create Billing it gives error "No billing documents were generated. See log". When I check the error log it gives message "No error log created". I am wondering what is going wrong?

status of documents are as below:

sales Order > Completed

Delivery > Being processed

PGi> complete.

every thing seems ok in Sales order, Delivery and PGI. moreover, in my case no need of Shipment.

To cross check the issue, I found an order with same data which was Billed. I cancelled the Billing > Reverse the PGI > Delete the Delivery. then create new Delivery > PGI > try to Billed it but again face same issue.

I tried to simulate the Billing through VF04, my delivery document is showing in VF04

Billing relevance is Item category is H, Billing Relevance = H Delivery-related billing - no zero quantities.

Can anybody give me any clue?


Prashant Sharma