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Oct 05, 2016 at 06:17 PM

Incremental planning between TU stage and FO


Hello Guru’s,

This is regarding TM Incremental planning between TU stage and FO.

- Can TM optimizer consider TU’s as transportation demand in Incremental planning between TU (as Transport demand) and FO (Transport capacity)? If answer to this question is no, what would be the reason behind this (it is know TU is both transport demand and supply unlike FU)?

- Second question, we are trying to achieve with incremental planning is as follows:

TU1 with three stages as given below

A->B – FO1

B->C – FO2

C->D – FO3

TU2 stages are

X->Y – FO4

Y->B – FO5

B->A – FO6

We are need a round trip FO instead of using two FO1 and FO6 to move two trailers between A->B and B->A, know constrain here is we can’t plan both trailers TU1 and TU2 at once, so out of two planning runs we have two FO’s FO1 and FO2.

After completing both planning runs we want consolidate FO1 and FO6 to one round trip FO as given below, so we have removed FO6 from TU2 stage B->A, now we have a transport demand (TU stage B->A) and a FO1 (A->B), in transportation cock-pit by selcting TU2, FO1 ran optimizer expecting Incremental planning results

TU1 Stages:

A->B – FO1

B->C – FO2

C->D – FO3

TU2 Stages:

X->Y – FO4

Y->B – FO5

B->A – FO1

FO1 Stages:



But optimizer is not considering this scenario with an information message “Freight orders are fixed”. we have incremental planning setting as “FU fixed” in planning profile which protect existing FU’s of the FO1.

For all FO’s we have changed STOP_FIX indicator of ET_TOR_STOP to 1 in debugging mode, even then we see same behavior in planning.

Does anyone know reason behind this behavior of optimizer?

Any help is appreciated here!

Thanks and regards,