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Oct 05, 2016 at 05:14 PM

SSO logout/timeout?


As I continue my testing efforts, bug and feedback cataloging, I end up with many browser tabs open between my default browser of IE11 and Chrome.

This morning, and yesterday I noticed that the notifications/activities view was timing me out for some reason. Inspired by the blog by @Jerry Janda Feedback Talkback: Single Sign-On (SSO) I am adding this under the feedback tag, but only because it doesn't error out, it simply provides this annoying message popup and then forces a refresh.

Similar to my comments on the blog, I would simply expect that upon entrance to any URL that accesses the new SCN, I would have a once and done experience, meaning never needing to manually login (or at least the prompt to login would be automatically provided upon touching the site) and therefore never timing out. I would expect the yellow notification bubble next to my header avatar would stay reasonably up to date with background refreshes and not require me to keep refreshing the whole window to get notifications to disappear.

Screen capture snippet was from IE11, I didn't try to emulate or recreate this with Chrome, so I don't know if there are others of you out there who may have encountered this too. Please share your findings or different experiences below - thanks!


SessionTimeout.JPG (46.1 kB)