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Mar 17, 2006 at 12:10 PM

SOAP in XI: message use="encoded" and binding/@style="rpc"



Hope somebody who is familiar with XIs SOAP implementation could give the answer for my questions. Problem is that the SOAP server is not working but I am afraid that the reasons are not really simple.

In our company we have to provide some SOAP services. I have entered as much as I could in IR ... including a simple scenario. Then imported the scenario to ID and the wizard created a number of agreements and determinations...

As I need to describe the service to external parties, then I used IDs Web Service definition tool to generate the WSDL.

But as the external messaging framework (for us a preprogrammed SOAP client) is fixed, I noticed that there are some differences that might matter.

XI generated WSDL where SOAP binding has

wsdl:binding/soap:binding/@style="document" but I would need it to be "rpc"

And the second thing is that in binding message bodies have attribute @use="literal" but as the messages should have several parts then it should be "encoded" (and encodingStyle=""

also is needed then).

Could somebody explain if these may be the reasons why the soap server does not work. And if there is a way to define soap interface so that it would have above mentioned properties as needed.

A easy question also... I would need for a method to have an empty message... inside soap body there should be just a tag with the message name and no content. But I can not figure out how to create a message type with no datatype.

Thanks for any input!