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Oct 05, 2016 at 01:27 PM

Delta indicator for BSAK table



Could you please tell me how do we achieve the following.

We are pulling tables from SAP ECC and then do some analytics on the extracted data. For pulling data from SAP tables like BSEG and BKPF we are using delta columns from these tables E.g. BKPF.CPUDT

We have an issue with using CPUDT as delta indicator for BSAK.

E.g. The creation date of document no 5100027711 is 2016.02.02; whereas the clearing Entry Date (AUGCP) and clearing date are both 2016.05.03.

The delta will never be triggered since the clearing is done at a later stage than document creation.

BSAK.CPUDT >= $StartDate and BSAK.CPUDT <= $EndDate

$StartDate and $EndDate are a window of 3 days.

Can anyone suggest what should be the delta logic in this case where Clearing Date doesnt fall within the CPUDT


Do we need to set up Delta logic on BSEG.AUGCP. Do you recommend to do a delta on BSEG table as it is huge and will impact performance.


Arun Sasi