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Oct 05, 2016 at 12:15 PM

Syntax appears to no longer work.


First thank you for taking the time to contribute! I understand your time is valuable! I have a variable that was working in a previous version of Business Objects. We've since moved to version 4.1 and now no longer works.

Here is the original syntax:

= If ( [Field Description] = "Restraint Type2" ) and ( [Detail Display Value] <> " " ) then [Detail Display Value]

My Table has the following columns:

Restraint Type Order ID

Keyed Leather 7979797979797

Soft Limb 8686868686868

Soft Limb 7575757575757

blank space 3434343434343

blank space 1212121212133

blank space 9898989898989

It seems to me that the logic in the variable above should not include the blank spaces above?

Please advise.

Thanks Scott