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Oct 05, 2016 at 07:15 AM

Movement type 301 W


Hi All,

I have a doubt, why people make use of the movement type 301 W, as a customer consignment is something already in Customers Premise and why do the user need to transfer from one of the user's plant to another.

When my user tried to get the MB5B report of Customer Consignment in one of his plant, it did not capture these Material Docs(301 W) as it had Slocs filled in. But captured just one doc in which sloc was blank.

My questions are:

1. Plant to Plant TP of Customer Consignment stock is advisable or not?

2. Why MB5B report did not consider material docs with Slocs when derived for Consignment Stock? Is MB5B not expecting an SLoc for Customer Consignment Stock(or any Special Stock)?