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Oct 05, 2016 at 05:15 AM

Delta queue not getting data in Asset accounting Datasources


We have two BI systems (SAP BW and Informatica) connected to SAP ECC PR1 system.

Informatica is connected to SAP PR1 through the standard SAP BCI listener connection.

SAP BW is connected to the same ECC (PR1) through the standard RFC connection.

When Informatica runs delta load, no records are populated in the RSA7 delta queue.

However, we noticed that whenever BW runs its Asset accounting delta Infopackages, records get populated in RSA7 for both BW and Informatica queues.

Please refer the attached document for more details.

Some more questions that we have:

a) Are the BW and Informatica delta extracts dependent on each other?

b) How does the delta timestamp work for Asset accounting datasources? Informatica extracts data from SAP two times in a day - first batch in the morning and second in the evening. If they run the first batch in the morning, would the second batch bring in any delta records for Asset accounting? we have an understanding that Asset accounting delta can be fetched only once in a day. If thats true, where can we change this setting so that we can bring the new delta records in the evening batch as well (so that Informatica has more up-to date data for Asset accounting)?

c) Can you share a document which explains how delta for AA depreciation datasource works (datasource 0FI_AA_12). We need to validate these simulated values with the values in SAP.