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Oct 04, 2016 at 03:15 PM

Notification links inconsistency


Over the past couple of weeks, I've been continuing to provide issues, bugs, feedback, etc. and trying to find a rhythm with the future state we will all be facing next week. Since following tags is currently very one tag dimensional and not cross community favorites based, I have come to the near term decision that notifications/activities will be my starting point of entry. Several of you have chimed in on this open discussion in a few areas of blogs, etc. so I know I'm not the only one looking for the browser shortcut that will launch the new SCN site (or one of the sites), sign me in automatically, and then allow me to spend some focused quality time with the community (if you haven't already seen the The True Value of a Community post by @Eng Swee Yeoh then it is a must read).

Now to my most recent bug post:

  1. Consider this location:
  2. Consider two entries concerning comments, one made on a blog, the other on an answer:

Conclusion: any and all links that are intended to be part of the activities or notifications feed should take you directly to the related occurrence - someone votes, replies, comments, etc. --> the hyperlink should at a minimum put you onto the same page where the full comment should be visible. This should not be limited to only blogs...