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Oct 04, 2016 at 11:22 AM

BRF Function Generated Class Invalidation


Hi Experts/Carsten,

There is a peculiar issue we are facing - where the BRF generated class getting deleted from FDT_CC_0000 table and it tries to regenerate it again even though there is no change in the application. There is no way to find out why is this happening, but this recurrs. What is it which can invalidate the Generated class so that it requires a regeration.

We have request SAP internal team to have a look at it - but since this could not be replicated - there is no solution provided.

Situation: Application Type - Customization. Auto generated Class is default Shared memory Active. When it occurs, there is no Roll memory overflow as such. This is a big application in Size and complexity.

Is it something which occurs when with Load of Program, the generated Class is lost ? Or, is there a mechanism to trace it why is it happening?

Appreciate your comment!

Many Thanks,

Jyoti Shankar