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Oct 04, 2016 at 10:56 AM

Error while updating Email of Vendor XK02 - LSMW


Hi Gurus,

I did not get any satisfactory answer on this question and hence seeking your kind advice.

When I am using transaction XK02 to update the email address of vendors while recording I get two extra fields in segement SAPMF02K 0101. This two fields are RF02k - D0110 with description Process Data. The second field is USE_ZAV for which system can not select a default name.

So I delete these two extra fields and from Segment SAPMF02k 0111 also I delete all the fields and keep only Email address. So in the first segment I have vendor code and company code and in the second segment only the email address.

I make sure that I select the Address option and central address management system option as well.

But when I run the batch, it gives error: No batch input data for screen SAPMF02K 0101

When I run it foreground, I see that neither the Address is checked and nor the central address management system box is checked and that is why it gives the above error. Now the question is why the system does not both the options which I chose in Recording but here it is not selected. If I tick both the options manuall in Forground, then it is done but is not the way to do.

Please let me know where I am going wrong or what needs to be changed. The screenshot of recording and input screen is attached.




Recording.PNG (53.7 kB)