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Oct 04, 2016 at 09:30 AM

SAP ContentServer export/import delta documents



Would you be able to advise on this problem:

We had done an export/import of SAP Content Server DB from two servers to one using the loadercli utility, however, we had connection problems on the new server so we could not let users work on it immediately. So the users still continued in their old environments.

Now we want to extract the delta(newly created docs) from the old environment to the new server. I have

  1. created temp tables Components0008 and Documents0008.
  2. Run insert:

insert into sapr3.components0008 select NAME, LVALUE, SHORT_VALUE, LONG_VALUE, COMPDATEM, COMPTIMEM, CONTENTTYPE, COMPRESSED from sapr3.components0002 where DATEM like '%2016-10%'

insert into sapr3.documents0008 select NAME, LPROPERTY, SHORT_PROPERTY, LONG_PROPERTY, LVALUE, SHORT_VALUE, LONG_VALUE, DATEM, TIMEM, COMPRESSED from sapr3.documents0002 where DATEM like '%2016-10%'

  1. The copy of the delta only works for Documents0008, but for Component0008 it complains about too long columns.

Is there any other method we can use on this one, I would highly appreciate your advice.