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Oct 04, 2016 at 09:15 AM

Executing/creating Leave provisions reports


Hi All

I am required to create or execute a report that will display non-compulsory leave days the employee is entitled to and how much the employee will receive when selling those days. Where can i execute or create this report and how if possible?

Employee No Name Annual leave date Annual leave days Annual leave rate Annual leave total 11 John 01.01.2016 9 849.6 7646.4 12 Mark 01.01.2016 15 1113.6 17817.6

Furthermore, im also required to create or execute a report that will display the Name, Org Unit, entry date, total days remaining....i used PT_QTA10 but i can not pull the entry date of the employee from infotype 41 it only gives me dates from which the employee will be titled to a particular leave. What can i do to get the correct employment entry date on PT_QTA10?

Employee Number Employee Name Position Organisation/Department Date of Appointment Annual Leave days remaining 11 Adams, T64-Mechanic Petrol/Diesel-RD Technical RP 08-Jan-96 9 12 Appolis, T33-Mechanic Petrol/Diesel-MP Technical MP 12-Feb-96 15 17 Barkhuysen, T137-Technical Buyer-MP Technical Milpark Stores 03-Jan-80 3

Thank you in advance.