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Integrating SAP EM with Oracle ERP- High Volume

Hello All,

Connection of EM with non-sap system e.g. Oracle where the OTC process is triggered in Oracle and tracking is done in EM.

1) Is IDOC the right approach for connecting the same?

2) Is it suggested for high volume ?

3) What are the challenges that we can expect ?



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2 Answers

  • Oct 04, 2016 at 06:26 PM

    Hi Shubh,

    IDOCs is one of the best methods to send messages to EM even for large volumes. Downside is you have lot of IDOCs in the system and you need to have proper cleanup process like archivals or deletions of IDOCs periodically.

    Upside is that you will have data( error-ed IDOCs) in EM system for re-processing or error handling in case messages are not posted to EHs.

    Other options are Proxies/BAPI calls provided you have proper middlewares.



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  • Oct 04, 2016 at 07:56 PM


    As Vishnu mentioned the IDoc (EVMSTA and EHPOST) is a very good option because it provides the following standard functionality:

    1. Persists the data in system so that error handling can be performed in an asynchronous manner
    2. IDoc errors can trigger a standard workflow to the support team giving them proactive visibility in to an event posting error
    3. IDocs have editing and reposting capabilities built in to standard transactions and workflows
    4. IDocs have a listing tool (WE05) to view idocs and their details
    5. IDocs follow a standard archiving approach so there isĀ  little effort in keeping the system free from extraneous data

    An increasingly popular alternative approach is to leverage the add-on SAP AIF (Application Interface Framework) to post the events and EHs to SAP EM. This technique leverages the BAPI interface to post to SAP EM but has the following characteristics:

    1. Also persists the data so that error handling can be conducted on the message
    2. Reprocessing is possible for the failed messages
    3. Errors can be reported on in SAP AIF and view by a user. Standard IDoc displays require a super user, who understand IDoc speak, to read the IDoc whereas AIF can be configure to show a user friendly version of the event message

    SAP is increasingly adopting the usage of SAP AIF is it's middleware solution. Search on SCN for the AIF section for more details.



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    • Hi Kevin ,

      Great suggestion .

      Can you please explore more about point number 1 .

      Persist the data so that error handling can be done asynchronously .