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Oct 03, 2016 at 04:13 PM

How to use 'AND' statements in filter?


I am trying to filter out data in the visualize step of my data, and running into an issue.

I can successfully use the 'Not Like' filter with a statement such as '%apples%' or '%bananas%', so long as I only use one option at a time.

I would like to filter for Not Like %apples% AND Not Like %bananas% but I am not understanding how I can achieve this.

When I try Not Like %apples%, then add anything else into my string (such as %apples%bananas%) I can see my results increase, meaning results that previously were meeting my filter criteria, no longer do. (This is understandable, because %apples%bananas% I believe means look for strings that are like RedApplesAndYellowBananas - which is not what I'm trying to achieve.)

How can I utilize multiple 'not like' filters, each with wildcards:

NOT LIKE %apples%
NOT LIKE %bananas%

Attached is a screenshot of the filter and wildcards I'm trying to work with.


filter.png (18.9 kB)