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Oct 03, 2016 at 03:47 PM

Unable to change email address on my P user scn account


Hi Gurus,

I used my corporate id when I set up this P account, however I left that company long back and want to change my email id to my personal one.

When I try to change it from the Bio Page

1) It says my id is linked to 2 accounts I can't remember setting 2 of them.

2) The one I want to change it with is the one I am logged on with and it identifies that however the email field is greyed out despite being in edit mode.

There is a link provided in SCN support saying change email id however trying that gives me following message

Just wanted to check if anyone faced and solved this before going to support team.

Many thanks for your time looking into this.


Capture.JPG (73.3 kB)
Capture.JPG (45.1 kB)