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Oct 03, 2016 at 12:09 PM

Drop down not filtering correctly


Hi All,

In my DS application I have drop down boxes where i could see with all values correctly populating. If i by pass the mandatory prompts by (Force Prompts on startup--false) . and give prompts values through dropdwon boxes filtering not happening correctly.

or even after selecting the prompts values((Force Prompts on startup--True) the drop down are not displaying the values apart from the selected values in prompts.

I have below Prompts from HANA View gave selection for 2016.006

Below is initial view of my Design studio Application.

After giving values for prompts below is the output. Below drop down should show All values relaetd to Fiscalperiod. Butg showing only salected values of prompts. please help . I have gone through many forms but i could not resolve.


Initial.PNG (39.5 kB)
Dashbaord.PNG (75.4 kB)