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Oct 03, 2016 at 01:01 PM

Web Intelligence 4.0 Report Distribution formula problem


Hello all,

I’ve a problem with a formula during creation a Weighted Distribution Report.


Product = Product sold

Net Sales = Sales of Product Sold

Net Sales (TOT) Customer = Total Sales of Customer that buy Product in row (all product that customer buy)

Net Sales (GLOBAL) = Totale Global Sales

WD = (Net Sales (TOT) Customer / Net Sales (GLOBAL)) * 100

Would be possible to create a formula that:

for the product specified in the first column, indicating the total sales of the customers who buy it not only for the product in row but all product that customer buy.

I tried it with a for each, in, for all operators, but I could not get the desired result.

Any ideas are welcome, thank you in advance.


img1.JPG (107.4 kB)