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Oct 03, 2016 at 11:04 AM

Workitems from Inbox not going away : Approve Requisitions


Hi Masa,

I have setup a Fiori app Approve Requisitions for a customer with all the required configurations.All looks good, it shows PRs to be approved, when I click Approve, for some items who have just 1 level approval properly getting approved and vanishing from Inbox. But the items which has more than one level approval, it is setting the status properly for PR as released for that level, but they are not going away from Inbox.

I have come across an old thread with the same problem, listed below. You advised couple of things in the thread, but can you explain a bit more or point me to a better source to get over this problem.

Do I need to implement BADI here for sure ? if yes any example about what need to be implemented.

You mentioned “Use SAP delivered standard approval task instead of user decision task” will be the easy solution. Can you explain more on that.

I have My inbox App also getting setup to access PRs, but customer wanted to make it working with Approve PR itself as My Inbox needs some more customization to get the extra data which Approve PR by default gets.

Regarding SP and Release levels they are on latest SP currently available and i have checked for relevant notes already. Let me know if you need anymore information.