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Oct 03, 2016 at 09:56 AM

FoC orders with Net value


Dear SD Gurus

Can you please suggest on below scenario for Free of Charge sale process in Columbia?

We have a FoC order type - ZXD1 (sample sales) - business forward samples to several destinations for future sale purpose.

Item category -ZXD1 ( 100 % discount applicable using condition type R100)-net value will be zero always.

Item category -ZXD2 ( ignoring the requirement 55 which is 100% discount through R100) - net values will be displayed

Steps we are doing:

1.Creating a sales order with ZXD1

Entering material & quantity - ZXD1 will be fetched and net value will be zero - This is correct as per FoC scenario-

2. But in Colombia - as per legal terms , invoices should not be displayed with zero values .Hence users are creating ZXD1 order by changing the item category from ZXD1 to ZXD3.

So, here net value will be displayed and again users are creating credit notes to nullifying the amount.

My question here is , how can we populate the net value without using ZXD3 item category because we don't want to create credit note again for sample orders.

Can we use ZXD3 item category still to show only on invoice/to not to hit GL accounts?

Or do we have any alternative solution for this?

Thanks in advance.