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MobiLink 17 .NET Direct Row Handling: "No valid constructor" error

I'm trying to upgrade a system from SqlAnywhere/MobiLink 16 to 17. It uses Direct Row Handling via .NET classes. The Direct Row Handling DLL works fine in version 16. Recompiled using version 17, with the database rebuilt in version 17, I'm getting this error:

[-10161] No valid constructor was found for class 'DirectRowHandler.SpecialHandler'

SpecialHandler is the class that contains all my MobiLink event handlers. It has this constructor (which worked fine in version 16):

public SpecialHandler(DBConnectionContext cc)...

As an experiment, I created another constructor with no parameters, and the error went away. But of course the constructor was useless, because I had no way of getting the DBConnectionContext object.

Did the rules change about how parameters are passed to .NET Direct Row Handling classes? (The documentation has not changed).

I've also tried following the version 17 tutorial for .NET Direct Row Handling, and am getting a similar error (though in this case, not on the constructor, but on one of the event handlers). I have not succeeded in getting the Tutorial to work.

I'm using Visual Studio 2013, with SQLAnywhere 17 consolidated and remote databases.

Please help.

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