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Oct 03, 2016 at 12:13 AM

Treasury Securities Contract Understanding


Dear Experts,

When securities transaction happens, we need to conclude a contract with BP, it may be bank or stock trading market. For example, I use FTR_CREATE to create a stock contract with product type 01A as bellow:

(1) Maintain the date detail, whether my understanding is correct for the date here

Payment Date: it is the date we make payment to buy stock.

Pos. Value Date: it is the date the stock units increasing in your securities account.

Calculat. Date: it is date actually to calculate the gain or loss of the stock from the date we buy it.

If my understanding is correct, when we buy 300,000 units stock from T+1 stock market on Sep 01, it means you can only sell this stock on the next day after you buy it, then date detail should be as bellow:

Payment Date: Sep 01

Pos. Value Date: Sep 01

Calculat. Date: Sep 01

Does that mean those 3 dates are always the same, right?

(2) The amount detail show the units we bought and the strike price in the stock market when making payment. Right?

(3) We have order information under trading data tab as bellow, it shows the limit price and order date.

In this case, does that mean we can place a stock order with limit price in SAP, which integrated with electronic stock workstation, once the price dropped down the price, then automatically buy in it. Am I right? if it is correct, how to set up the limit price for selling.

And any functions or configurations are ready to perform this integration?

Thank you very much!



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