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Former Member
Oct 02, 2016 at 04:35 PM

Local member for a dynamic report with changing rows and columns



I'm having difficulty get a local member to understand how to calculate what I want. My report is built in such a way that the user can select a company and its trial balance will appear with accounts in the rows and subsidiary companies in the columns. Both are dynamic.

If the local member was set up at the bottom of the trial balance for Company X in row 100 (for example) and it's set to sum rows 3 to 99, then when the user selects Company Y, which is smaller, the local member stays at the bottom of the TB, but the formula remains summing rows 3 to 99, when the local member may now be in row 50 (for example)

How do I get the local member to understand how to sum the data and to stay in the column it's in? I also see the formula change if the column expands and contracts.

I am working in V10.1