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Oct 02, 2016 at 03:34 PM

Business Area Updation for Automatic Generated Line Items


Dear Experts,

I have requirement where I need to update Business Area in automatic generated FI Line items like Cenvat, Taxation, Clearing Accounts etc.

Note:- New GL is not Activated.

Org Structure:- We have 2 business Area under a single company code.

Each business area is a separate unit (like a PC), for each unit we want to take Trial balance.

But system is not updating business area correctly in all FI posting particularly in automated line items, due to this trail balance and business area are not showing correct values.

If new GL is activated we can use document splitting for this purpose. But New GL is not activated in this system.

Please guide me through the process and configuration steps on how business area is updated before existence of Document splitting/New GL concept.


Vasu B.