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Sep 30, 2016 at 07:38 PM

Cash flow line item is not being saved for cash deposits even though they r marked as cash flow relevant accounts.


We are using sap b1 9.1 pl8

We are having an issue when we are trying to do a cash flow gl accounts and when we are trying to do it is not saving. I am attaching a document the whole steps that we have done. If we create a new account and make it as a cash account it works, only this particular account it is not working there are already lot of transactions posted to this account.

1. 11010-500-10-12 (Chase Corporate Account) is defined as Both Cash Account and Cash Flow Relevant Account


2. 11050-500-10-12 (Cash - Petty Cash) is defined as a Cash Account


3. Create an Incoming Payment to the Cash – Petty Cash Account 11050-500-10-12


4. Create a Deposit (into 11010-500-10-12) in the cash account for the Cash Incoming Payment in Step3.

  1. Choose the Primary Form Item during the deposit to record the Cash flow Line Item.


  1. 1. The Deposit gets created successfully but the Primary Form Item does not get saved along with this entry and also the Corresponding Journal entry DOES NOT reflect the Cash Flow Line Item as well.


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