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Sep 30, 2016 at 06:17 PM

Impairment posting in Non leading ledger not generating Accounting document



our situation is as follows:

our leading ledger ( 0L) is as per US GAAP.

we setup a new non leading ledger for IFRS

we have created a new Depreciation area for Impairment purpose. we have linked this depreciation area to Non leading ledger ( IFRS Ledger).

we are posting impairment using Transaction type created for this purpose. we are using transaction code ABIF to post this impairment in asset.

as this depreciation area we have linked with our non leading ledger, this asset transaction is not posting any corresponding Accounting document . hence, we are missing our FI-AA reconciliation for this transaction.

For depreciation in this new Dep. area for impairment, i am able to generate Accounting document in this non leading IFRS ledger when i run AFAB . But i believe we must also have accounting document get generated for this ABIF transaction posting and it should be posted in my non leading ledger to reflect the effect of impairment on G/L side.

Can you please suggest how to achieve this accounting posting for this impairment transaction.

Appreciate your help.

Best Regards,