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Sep 30, 2016 at 05:07 PM

SVT Production scenario


Dear community

recently we have successfully done an upgrade of SAP ERP. Therefore we should have the up to date OSS notes in the system. But still we can see issues in production scenario in calculating the amount of tracked substance; we can not explain the results in SVT. We have used any available "on top" SAP report to detect the topic without success. The calculation via "hand and poket calculator" looking on the movement types etc. we can only confirm that the systme does not track correct (does not calculate correct).

This is problem one:

1.) if during a production one material is booked more than one time in the same amount (may be error booking) we get "doubling" of amount in SVT. (that means we have one + booking (put on stock) one - blocking (remove from stock or cancellation) and additionl + (put on stock) booking on same date for same material)

e.g. you have then e.g. 100 kg booked positive, then negative, and once again positve (alwasy with same amount

=> do you face the same issue that amounts are sometimes "doubled"?

Second issue. Because of some reasons material A is "produced" by B only. A and B does have the same composition. Now the system seems not to be able to "calculate "correct. In this case at the end result should be "0" for tracked substance. But the tool seems not to consider the "input"

We can not exclude the production order via "type" of production but in any case: result is simply wrong

Example: 1000 kg A should be produce using 1000 kg B. As composition is the same thet racked substance must be "0" (no added value). But the tool detect the !000 kg" only and does not reduce that by the 1000 kg.

Have you seen this in your system as well?