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Sep 30, 2016 at 01:25 PM

Hana 3 tier replication - logsegment growth


Hi all,

we just configured a Hana 3 tier system replication.

Database version is SPS11 (112.03)

SITEA ---------------------------------- SITE B ----------------------------- SITEC

PRD -> syncmem (logreplay) -> PRD -> async (logreplay) -> PRD

Everything works fine except for the /hana/log/PRD/mnt00001 folder on SITEC.

logsegment_000_*.dat files keep increasing (after two days there are around 500 log files) and the full disk situation is around the corner.

The same folder on SITEA and B contains only around 10 logsegment files.

Anyone able to help me in order to understand whats happening on SITEC?

Is that behaviour normal or we missed some configuration steps?