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Agent Inbox : Email Reply - "FROM" field - Restrict outgoing email drop-down as per business role.

Feb 09, 2017 at 07:37 PM


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We have a requirement to restrict the email ID's in FROM field while replying to email.

We are a global client, hence users are located globally.

In agent inbox, when a agent wants to reply to an email, he click on "reply or reply all" to an email. Now, if the user is assigned to only one business role then the "FROM" field in email reply will be automatically populated with the respective outgoing email ID which configured in "Out going email address group", which is perfectly fine.

Our issue is : An agent is assigned to multiple business roles and when he replies to an email and want to choose a different "FROM" email address then he need to go through a whole bunch of drop-down's available email ID's, which is giving hard time for user's.

User want to see the email ID's as per their business roles.

Example : If a user is assigned to only US and Canada business roles then he want to see only US outgoing email ID and Canada outgoing email ID in the FROM field. He do not want to see all the other countries outgoing email ID's which configured in back-end.

Below is the screen shot which I'm talking.

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2 Answers

Sigrid Wieshofer
Feb 20, 2017 at 10:06 AM

Hello Kumar,

If your image shows CRM IC E-Mail editor, then you can achieve your requirement by help of the E-Mail Profile and creation of outgoing E-Mail addresses.

1) Define various Outgoing E-Mail Address Groups according to your business requirements.

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
Customer Relationship Management
Interaction Center WebClient
Basic Functions
Communication Channels
Define Outgoing E-Mail Address Groups

2) Create E-Mail profiles and assign the corresponding Outgoing E-Mail Address Group to the E-Mail Profile

3) Assign the E-Mail Profile to your business role.

Alternatively, there is also a BaDi CRM_IC_DFLT_SENDER_ADDR which has been introduced by SAP Improvement Note 2231227 (EHP3, SP11) which can be used to manipluate the FROM list during runtime.

Also check KBA 1850438 How to configure the "From" address for E-Mails in CRM Interaction Center (CRMCMP_CCS_EML) for a summary about FROM address.

Best Regards,

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Kumar B Feb 20, 2017 at 10:58 PM

Thanks a lot Sigrid.

Your comments are really helpfull in detail. I was aware of Standard configuration part but the badi CRM_IC_DFLT_SENDER_ADDR is really help-full to customize our solution.

Really thanks a lot once again.

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