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Sep 30, 2016 at 10:09 AM

Problems when testing APIs form DEV Portal


Dear API enthusiasts,

I'm building an API in my HCP trial account and I have found a very odd error:

  • Once the API is build and deployed, and the corresponding product published, I can test it successfully form API Portal

  • But if I try to test the same API from DEV Portal I get a HTTP_CALL_ERROR

  • I know the API is working because I can use it from PostMan:

Do any of you run into a similar issue?

Any clues of where to or how to look for the solution to my issue?

Thanks and best regards,



Request.PNG (38.9 kB)
Response.PNG (38.4 kB)
Error1.PNG (5.7 kB)
Error2.PNG (8.2 kB)
Requestpm.PNG (48.5 kB)
Responsepm.PNG (21.9 kB)