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Sep 30, 2016 at 06:22 AM

How to disable a standard partner fuction (eg: Emp. Resp) from a BO


Dear C4C Experts,

Our business requirement is to remove the standard partner function "Employee Responsible" from an Appointment. I tried to remove this party from the BC activity "Maintain Involved Parties for Appointments", but in this config activity the standard party is not editable. I am not able to deactivate it since its not editable and also it is maintained as a Mandatory Party.

Since I could not do any changes in the above activity, I tried to hide this party from the Involved Parties tab. I could not do that as well, since I am not able to select an individual party in that section.

Is there a way around to achieve this requirement using configuration or should we implement custom SDK for this?

Thanks in advance!!