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Sep 30, 2016 at 05:51 AM

Crystal Reports 2008 , Stored Procedure Result (String) into local Variable


Hello Everyone,

This is a Informix database, the report is working flawlesly . I need to customise it.

So I ahve here by the SQL Fields ( German : SQL-Ausdruckfelder ) Text1 which gets its text like this : cu_gettext( pool_pos.auftnr, pool_pos.pos,0,1,1,40)

I get something like GLAS-ULTIMATE . ( I need to change this to something else for specific customers)

So I thought I'll do this :

Created a Custom Form Field ( Formfelder )

CUSTOMER_PROD (this is the name )

Local StringVar Glass_Typ1 := cu_gettext( pool_pos.auftnr, pool_pos.pos,0,1,1,40);

Unfortunatelly it does not work , I dont even know if it is possible to assign the result of a procedure (that always returns a string) to a local

variable like that .

If I somehow manage to assign it to the local variable then I can do the rest of the stuff which is pretty simple .

Thank you for the help.