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Sep 30, 2016 at 03:11 AM

Demand Sensing error -- invalid column name


Has anyone else run into issue running demand sensing (full) algorithm either in simulation or via stat job schedule?

In simulation mode we get a "page refresh" error message and when running as a scheduled job, we get a message indicating an invalid column name exception error.

Our DS model, our key figure setup and snapshot configuration is all set up as indicated by SAP documentation so far as I can see. We have data loaded in the snapshot key figure and have data for all input key figures (Stat Fcst, Deliveries and Orders). We've also attempted to use consensus fcst as an input instead of Stat Fcst.

The only oddity is that while we do have UOM conversion set up, we are not required to do any quantity conversion, as EA is the only UOM defined in our system.

Any feedback would be appreciated.