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Sep 29, 2016 at 04:00 PM

Average Product Price Key Figure



I have the following requirement, I need to report the average price of a specif product in different stores.

So, imagine that I went to four different stores, in three of them, I found the product, but in the last one, I didn't find it, neverless I did four surveys.

The results are the following:

Store 1, Product A: $10

Store 2, Product A: $20

Store 3, Product A: $30

Store 4, Product A: $0 (I did'nt found the product, neverless, the system keep the default value as cero)

I am using the ratio "Average Actual Product Price", but as you may noticed, the system gives me a price average of $15 ((10+20+30+0)/4), but the correct answer should be $20 ((10+20+30)/3).

How can I make that the system does not takes in account the value of zero?