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Sep 29, 2016 at 04:05 PM

BCM-SC (SP5) does not launch with Java 8


Hi Experts,

We have recently upgraded few of our BCM instances to SP9.

As a pre-requisite, I upgraded Java to Java 8, which worked fine for all SP9 instances, but the instances which are still on SP5 do not load on my PC. It gives me a pop-up "Failed to validate certificate", the same works fine when I downgrade to Java 6. I am sure this is a java configuration issue.

I searched online & found below, but not sure how to do this on Java 8.

  1. Go to the Advanced tab > Security > General.
  2. Uncheck the option: "Enable online certificate validation".
  3. Check the option: "Enable list of trusted publishers".

Could you please share which setting needs to be checked in Java 8 to surpass the Certificate error.

Here is the screenshot for your reference.

Thanks & Kind Regards,

Sanjay Sarda


Java error.JPG (27.5 kB)
Java error-2.JPG (52.2 kB)