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Sep 29, 2016 at 03:38 PM

Export a file periodically from Consolidation Model with variable TIME members


Hi Experts,

After the consolidation process, I need to export periodically a file from the Consolidation Model (to the same place), where all members of all dimensions are constants, except TIME dimension, where I need (in each execution), six members... the current period of the current year and the previous two months, and the same three periods of the previous year...

Well, them I have thought about two possibilities:

1 Use Export Package with "/CPMB/EXPORT_TD_TO_FILE" chain

2 Use Export Package with "/CPMB/EXPORT_TD_TO_BADI" chain

1 With this chain (FILE), I be able to export a file, but I can not introduce TIME variable members of each execution. And, also, I can not invoke an Script file (where I could recover TIME members as I need)

2 With this chain (BADI), I be able to invoke a BADI, but I can not indicate the generation of a file...

Well, can I anybody help me?

Thank you in advance,