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Former Member
Sep 29, 2016 at 02:17 PM

Remove Release Strategy CL24N



I have searched and read numerous discussions threads about this topic but I still have a pending question on the correct way to remove a release strategy.

SAP OSS and discussion forum claim that the correct order is :

  1. Delete Release Strategy
  2. Delete Release indicator
  3. Delete Release codes
  4. Delete Release group

But how about CL24N and the assignment of characteristic values (master data) ?

Do we first need to delete the strategy line from CL24N within each client ?

And then remove the above a-b-c-d in SPRO and transport to the different clients?

Or does point a. "delete release" (spro) cover automatically the removal of characteristic values from the tables?

Thank you for your reply,

Sigrid Gryson